Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Student should attend classes regularly in order to derive full benefit from the, course students will have to attend at least 75% of the classes and pass all his/her papers in order to qualify for receiving their diploma certificate, students are required to take prior permission in writing or submit an confirm leave certificate for the days absent. In absence of this leave certificate duly signed by the guardian, the center may charge you a fine absence.

Transfers are available from one center to the other in case the student is required to relocate. Transfers are only after full payment of fees and completion of at least 2 modules of syllabus. The admittance/admission at the new location would be from the beginning of the next module. In case of transfers, the receiving center would try to accommodate students in desired time slot but the same subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Validity of enrollment varies from course to course (add 3- 6months to the duration of the course to get the validity of your enrollment). Students are not allowed to take break; he/she needs to pay fine. Without which he/she will not permit to attend the classes’ .in any case, the student had to complete the course before the validity period. If this exceeds the validity student need pay fine.

All payments should be made to the Banks and bring the teller to the office for a printed receipt
All fees must be paid before starting your final Examination and all students must pass through GDS Training written Examination and practical for proper certification of his/her Result/Certificate.

After your final examination all students will be taking on excursion There will be a graduation and convocation ceremony for all graduating student.



In order to join GAA professional courses, the applicant should have successfully completed a higher secondary school or an equivalent education. A good understanding of written English, world Geography and Basic Mathematic is essential

Once student pass through the counseling process and decide to join GAA” courses; they need to follow the procedure given below:
Every students needs to buy a prospectus of GAA. This is mandatory because a student should have the copy of rules and regulations which are mentioned in the prospectus moreover the prospectus contains a registration form for every student which need to filled and submitted to the concerned center of GAA with 3passport size. Please pay cash for prospectus and insist on a receipt for it.

Along with the duly filled registration form; fees need to be paid to the center. Always insist on the printed receipt duly signed by the authorized signatory. In case of any irregularity, please communicate to Head Office on its email.

It is expected that you pay full fees at beginning of the course; in which case, the fees mentioned in the prospectus, is charged to you. In case you are unable to pay the fees in full every center has its own policy on install mental plans, in which case the fees will be higher than printed price vary from center to center.

For starting your course a minimum of 50% of the course fees is required to be paid by you at time of enrollment. Once you have paid a minimum of 50% of the fees the center will immediately give you an enrollment application form .you are requested to go through the rules and regulations printed at the back of this form, very carefully before signing this form. If the center does not provide you this form insist on it or send an email to the registrar at Head Office to take further action.

Part of your fees is called registration fee which every center needs send to HO to register you as student at the Head Office along with your registration form this information is sent to Head Office by the concerned center only when you have paid minimum of 50%of our course fees. At this point we requested you to send one email to the registrar at the Head Office on mail address stating that you have enrolled for a particular course giving your Name and payment details. This mail will be of great help in ensuring that your registration reaches head office in time and the office provide you all the support.

Once you are registered at the Head Office they will send an identity card, T shirt and the course books it also keep track of your progress during course, check whether you have received the proper books in time etc.and toward the end of your course ,this data will be transferred to the placement cell. Head office will in turn send you a return mail confirming from Head Office please communicate to the General Manager to further action.
The registration and enrollment is transferable.

The validity of your registration is 6 months. For example if have paid less than 50% of the fees, the course will not begin for you and the paid by you is treated as registration fee if you do not pay the remaining fees within 6months the fees paid is forfeited.

Fees once paid are not refundable under any condition. This is strictly followed since the economics of starting batch depend on the number of enrollment. Backing out of pre planned batch upset all the economics of the batch management. No request for refund will be entertained by the Head Office.


Examination Procedure

Students who enrol for GAA s Diploma courses have to pass all the written Examination including GDS Exam and Practical. However, the assessments of students will be conducted on a Continuous basis, even giving weight age to class participation, report and Projects.
When student is unable to appear in a scheduled internal evaluation test or complete project report due to emergency, a written application should be given to the Branch Manager within 7 days of the examination. For a re-test, the Branch Manager on verification of the application will decide whether it should be granted or not.