If you are passionate about aviation, you may wish to consider building a career as a Flight Dispatcher. This is one of the most exciting jobs in the airline industry. Globally, commercial aviation is expanding and the best time to start this exciting career is now. After graduation from Gib air Aviation Academy (GAA), you’ll be ready to work in an airline’s Operations Control Centre, making decisions and sharing responsibility with an airline captain regarding daily flight operations; you will be the “captain on the ground.” Part of your duties include planning flights based on weather, aircraft maintenance, airport navigational facilities, Notices to Airmen, alternate airports, etc. The Dispatcher also may cancel or delay flights to ensure the safety of each flight. Typically, you’d be required to work in a central office that controls all the flights for your airline. The Dispatcher is a very important person in the operation of an airline. Key topics

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Instrument
  • Air law
  • Communications
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Flight planning
  • Human performance & Limitation
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation General
  • Operations procedure and regulations
  • Radio Navigation
  • Practical Dispatch
  • Weight & Balance


  • On completing this course, you’ll know how to:
  • Perform the duties of a flight Dispatcher in any airline environment
  • Adhere to all NCAA regulations as regards flight operations
  • Develop strategies to manage threats, errors as well as minimize their consequences
  • Proffer solutions on the challenges of the human-machine interface and related interpersonal activities and improve safety systems
  • Improve Airline performance while decreasing your costs
  • Plan, prevent and manage crew error & coordinate tasks inside the cockpit
  • The process of making decisions in unusual situations
  • Become an invaluable human asset in the operation of an airline


This course is recommended for but not limited to:

  • Air traffic Control Officers
  • Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance Technicians
  • Aircraft Ground Handling personnel
  • Cabin & Cargo Operations personnel
  • Flight Safety and Human Factor Officers
  • Flight Operations Officers who intend to be licensed Flight Dispatchers
  • School leavers who have completed the basic level of tertiary education and are aspiring to build a career in the aviation industry’s
  • Technical Staff, Supervisors, and Flight Operations Managers


Tuition Fees: N 350,000

Admission form: N3,500

Training Manual: N 10,000

Student Identity Card: N1,500

Student’s Uniform: N 10,000