Advance Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (ADTTM) course provides a comprehensive knowledge of Travel & Tourism Industry along with Professional skills. A student can get a highest level of knowledge to understand both Airline and Travel-Tourism Industry. Under 6 months program you get full knowledge. It covers the entire travel domain like understanding the airline fare concept, automated Electronic Ticketing on SABRE (GDS) and Holiday Package Management. You also learn the function and management of a travel agency.

Travel and Tourism TT is an industry which so demand certain technical skills and product knowledge. We have devised a detailed prospectus for this course, which includes International Airline & Travel Management IATM & Customer Relationship Management CRM, which is given completely free. This prospectus trains students on how to deal with different types of customers and improve their communication and interpersonal skills. Also we take students through Global Distribution System/Computerized Reservation System (GDS/CRS) knowledge: This will give the student a double advantage of gaining knowledge useful either in a travel agency or as ground staff at the airport. The CRS system is used extensively in all airlines/travel agencies and will give the student an added qualification during placements. Though there are varied occupations, there is one common denominator service. To be able to give the best service, students must have confidence and product knowledge. .

Course Outline

  • General Travel Knowledge: World Geography & Map Reading, Time Difference and Calculations, Planning Itineraries, OAG Flight Guide, Travel Documents, Tourism Management, Industry Regulation, Salesmanship/Marketing, Standard & Automation of Reservation procedure, Travel Agency Management and Customer Service, Business Communication
  • Fare Construction & Ticketing: TC Areas & Sub-Areas, Global Indicators, Types of Journey’s, Fare Selection Criteria, OW & RT Journey Calculations with Checks, Special and Promotional Fares, Types of Domestic & International Tickets, Transition to E-Tickets, Add-on Amount, Round The World, End-on Amount, SITI, SOTI SOTO, Spouse Fare, Ship Crew (ind. & grp.), Refund Process, etc.
  • Global Distribution System (GDS)/Computerized Reservation System (CRS) SABRE, AMADUES and GALILEO component covers how to check time-table and availability of flights, creating a PNR, special requests, seat requests, display of fares, hotel reservations and car rental bookings.
  • Tourism Management TM This prospectus covers Tourism organization, Types of tourism, Tourism infrastructure, Economic & Social importance of tourism, Travel formalities, National and International tourist attraction, and Latest trends of carrier opportunities in tourism industry.

Key Topic

  • Understand the world geography
  • Making and planning of itinerary
  • Aviation terminologies
  • Airport handling
  • Travel documents
  • International rules and regulation
  • Fare – understand the type of fare
  • Fare- rules and applicability
  • How to find the best fare
  • Understand the different RBDs (Reservation Booking Designator)
  • Global indicators
  • IATA areas
  • Air transport essentials

Global Distribution System (GDS)

  • Agent assembly areas
  • Sign-in/off
  • How to encode and decode airlines, airport and cities codes.
  • Checking of availability
  • Making of a PNR- Adult, Child & Infant
  • PNR components- SSR,OSI, MEDA, MAAS, WCHR & more
  • Fare finding-Lowest fare, Multiple airline fares, fare for a specific date & more
  • Creating of TST- Adult, Child & Infant
  • Manual TST Creation
  • Issuance of E-ticket
  • Reissue/Revalidation
  • Refund-full and partial
  • MPD-Standalone and Auxiliary
  • Managing airline queues
  • Holiday package management-domestic & international
  • Designing, costing & budgeting of fit package
  • Understand the package components.
  • How to manage the vendor for car and hotel
  • Under the queries


Advance Diploma In Travel & Tourism Management Course Is Available In Classroom Lecture & Practical Based Training.


HSC, a good understanding of English language, world geography & basic mathematics. Anyone wishing to start a career as a Travel and Tourism Manager.


  • O’ Level Certificate (WAEC, NECO, GCE)
  • Higher Certificate (OND,NCE,HND,BSc)
  • Excellent english skills and any other language. 


Ticketing Reservation office, counter and Sales office & Marketing executives in Travel agencies. Traffic Assistants, Revenue Accountants. Airport Operation Executives, Ground Handling Executives, Check-in and Ticketing at the airport. Travel Divisions and Other Companies like Banks, Oil Companies, State/Federal Government e.g. as Protocol/Passage Officer.

Course Duration: 24 weeks 6(Months)


Tuition Fees: N 85,000

Admission form: N3, 500

Training Manual: N 7,000

Student Identity Card: N1,500

Student’s Uniform: N 10,000