About Us

We are your One Stop Aviation Solution Centre

GIBAIR AVIATION ACADEMY is a certified private aviation training institute and development center. Since its inception in October 2004 after a lot of research, Gibair Aviation Academy has emerged as one of the leading Aviation Training Institutions in Nigeria providing complete Aviation and Maritime courses. Over the years, the institution has grown and evolved with respect to meeting the training needs and priorities of its numerous students.

Aviation and Maritime business has created an extraordinary demand for aviation practitioners. That is why it is so attractive for young people who desire to obtain interesting and high-status occupations to acquire knowledge and skills. The GAA is able to grant you such a possibility.

The governance of the academy would do its best to formulate the knowledge attained at our institution to meet all modern requirements and international standards of training skills.

At Gibair Aviation Academy our aim is to help scholars grow into the business leader. They need to become one who is creative and confident in a wide range of functions, who can operate cross-culturally in any industry, and who knows how to achieve results. In short, we will make it our business:

GAA graduate-ship gives you access to wide-ranging career option long-term, we will work in partnership with you an elite, global alliance of morally centered professional who have mastered an extensive body of practical aviation knowledge. Enrolling in the GAA programme will be one of the best career decisions you ever make.